Monday, 25 May 2015

Laughter and Enlightenment - Try Not To Laugh

Donald Mars Bruno Trump - AGT -2017 by petercool217 gurus and yogis have always known the connection between laughter and enlightenment. I have read many blogs and books on the topic of laughter and enlightenment over the last few years and the one thing that is clear is, just the act of laughter will lead to enlightenment and non-attachment.

Familiarity is a key part of humor and laughter, and research shows people find jokes told by famous comedians to be funnier than the same joke told by someone they’re not familiar with.

Rats laugh when they’re tickled, and the more they play together, the more they laugh. Psychologist Jack Panksepp first observed laughing rats in the 1990s; he needed special equipment to hear it, as rats’ laughs are very high pitched.

this is a very good blog about the connection between laughter and enlightenment.

This cute cartoon I made explains the connection in a funny and simple way !!

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